Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Best of film

I recently watched the AFI (American Film Industry) top 100 films of all time. It was interesting and has proved to be a very good conversation peice. I'm wondering what films are your favorites? Feel free to categorize them too (i.e. comedy, documentary, horror, etc...)

Here are some of mine (my age is my bias):

Best Musical Film: Jesus Christ Superstar - seeing those hippies dancing and singing in the middle east was great cinematography. Moulin Rouge was solid and I would be remiss to leave off the Sound of Music. All well done masterpeices.

Best Horror Film: The Devil's Rejects - just scary and graphic, this writer is one sick puppy (or was I for enjoying it?) Psycho is also a classic and well done, as is Halloween.

Best Comedic Film: tough because I love comedies, too many to narrow down...

Best sports film: I like Hoosiers or Rocky but Victory is also a classic. Wow, Stallone in two of three?

Best Action film: The Lord of the Rings trilogy was fun to watch. I also like the Matrix trilogy here. The Indiana Jones trilogy gets special mention. (Tough category, best trilogy)

Best Dramatic film: gotta go with The Godfather. The combination of 1 and 2 are just masterful. To bad 3 sucked.

Best Foreign film: Haven't seen many but Life is Beautiful was extremely well done.

Best Sci-fi film: 2001 is a classic but I am a Star Wars kid.

Best Epic: Forrest Gump is timeless. Titanic was sort of cheesy but it will be a classic.

Best Documentary: I love Baraka (thanks Karim).

Just a few to get you started...

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