Friday, July 13, 2007

Young Spirit, Old Soul

I went on a long hike today by myself and thought about old souls and young spirits. I have been told I have a young spirit and on the same day told by someone else that I have an old soul. More than once. This got me thinking, how can we be young and old at the same time? Young energy and old wisdom??? When I ask people what they mean by it, they often can't elaborate. I want to hear someone say both in the same sentence and explain what they mean. People seem to notice only one or the other.

My interpretation is that young spirit has nothing to do with age, but rather energy like that of a child. I frequently notice kids in the supermarket who are trying to point something out to their parents. Their parents say, "Just a second. Hold on. Not right now." Then they go back to searching for that perfect piece of corn, peeling the husk just enough to see the color and the kernel and missing the look in the eyes of their children as they almost squash the eggplant or the mango, never having seen one before. I notice the look in that kid's eyes as he/she sees something for the first time. Vagabonds have that same look in their eyes. Life and everything in it becomes new and they do too. But, how do we keep that energy as we see the same fruit or the same color or the same people? That is what keeps us young spirited. Finding that energy. Age is irrelevant. Keep on vagabundeando.

I will let you comment on the old soul...


Anonymous said...

Karim you are both, a young spirit and an old soul, for certain. A Young spirit as you suggested, with childlike wonder and curiosity (and energy) - yet an old soul with wisdom and experience. You are a young man, growing old, wise enough to know that deep down, in your soul, you will always remain youthful.

This is sort of a ying and yang, good and evil, up and down, black and white, which exists in us all. Some are more able to express it, show it, reveal it to others. And some more guarded and defensive. I like that you show your colors, you are who you are.

Oh Karim, your soul is showing.

Rachel said...

I always thaught that an old soul and a young spirt were almost the same. Both were innocent, living life to the fullist. The young child is experiencing everything for the first time where as the elderly have seen everything before but the threat of death has taught them to look on everything with a new light. They both know something that we should all remeber, every moment in life is precious, and we should live it to its fullist.